Perlindungan Netral Gender dalam Ketentuan-Ketentuan RUU PKS

Pentingnya RUU PKS untuk disahkan tidak hanya memberikan perlindungan hukum bagi para korban dan juga mengatur pemidanaan terhadap pelaku, namun ketentuaan-ketentuan RUU PKS yang bersifat netral gender dan jenis kelamin dalam pengaturannya. Istilah ‘setiap orang’ yang digunakan dalam RUU ini merujuk pada orang perseorangan secara individual orang secara kelompok yang terorganisir atau tidak terorganisir, atau korporasi. Contoh dari penggunaan istilah ini ditemukan dalam Pasal 11 ayat (1), di mana pelarangan untuk melakukan kekerasan seksual ditujukan bagi setiap orang.

7 Lives Ago

7 Lives Ago is a collection of poetry, created as a homage towards the sense of adoration, longing, and hopeless – yet endless – love. The book itself consists of several poems and prose that describe one’s wish to love and let go at the same time. Each work reflects the human nature of romance, for it is filled of not only joy, but also hurt from expectations. Some of the works bring up religious themes, because it is found that religion is the closest thing that can be related to love; devotion, the wishing of a miracle, how God embraces His worshipers the way lovers embrace one another. Aside from that, the love described in this book is perceived as a journey to spirituality which eases both mind and soul – a coming-back-to-home. The book is divided into two parts: Heaven and Earth. Heaven section represents collection of literary works with various divine references, telling tales based on perspectives of metaphysics. Earth section has a lighter and grounded approach, in which it seeks love through breath of life and living.

For the Sake of Indonesia’s Women, We Need to Pass the Sexual Violence Bill

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action calls upon Governments to enact and enforce legislation to punish perpetrators of violence against women, and to protect and help survivors recover. If Indonesia passes the Elimination of Sexual Violence Bill, the country can take a big step forward in meeting its commitments to the Beijing agreement. The House of Representatives failed to pass the Bill during its most recent session, but the House and the Government have given priority to its passage this year. The Bill regulates both punishments for perpetrators and protections for their victims. It covers sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, forced contraception, forced abortion, rape, forced marriage, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual torture, sexual violence committed by children, crimes committed by corporate entities, and other crimes related to sexual violence.

Pose and Its Depiction of ‘Chosen Family’

When Blanca Evangelista began singing her rendition of The Wiz’s Home during her serenading session at a hospital, she opened the song with lyrics that said, “When I think of home, I think of a place, where love’s overflowing.”. Instantly, my face is drenched with tears, that part orchestrated my body to produce endless series of goosebumps. Whenever I think about home, I draw my thoughts to the word ‘family’. What is a family? People usually refer the term to a group of two, three, four, even more, all connected by blood. Definition of family that we have been holding very dearly through our veins. I initially believed that family could only be made because of the genetic relations between parties, or created under legal signatures and statements. Family is not just a relation between parents and children, even relationships between relatives are still considered as family.

How Jane Sloane from the Bold Type Helped Me Validate My Strength and Vulnerability

For ‘independent stellar woman’ trope, the word ‘vulnerability’ is rarely mentioned in her vocabulary. In the society glorifying the means of strength, sometimes it is easy to brush aside fragility, which leads to the thinking that strong women cannot be vulnerable at the same time. They are praised for being tenacious that even the slightest hint of sadness or breakdown might send hellfire at them. I used to think that in order to be a strong woman, you were not allowed to show any signs of emotion other than happiness and a proud sense of achievement. Such mindset consumed me that I tried so hard to let so little amount of people into my life. I used to overshare about how I felt, but in the end, it turned back to me like a dagger piercing on my chest. I tried so hard to be emotionless, not showing any signs that I had problems inside myself. Turns out, the problem was me all along. I had been bottling up my emotions because I did not let myself break down the walls around me for my close friends to see. I suffered on my own, because my perception of being an independent woman was having her own stuff together all the time, eliminating the fact that there would be time when I would be drained and was no longer able to hold it anymore.

Pasal-pasal Soal Kontrasepsi dalam RKUHP Akan Batasi Pendidikan Seks di Indonesia

Rancangan Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana (RKUHP) dibuat untuk melakukan pembaruan terhadap hukum positif di Indonesia, yang selama ini masih berpegang teguh pada kodifikasi yang dilakukan pada zaman kolonial Belanda. Proses pembaruan ini untuk menyelaraskan kondisi Indonesia saat ini dengan peraturan yang tertulis dalam Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana (KUHP) yang bersumber dari Wetboek van Strafrecht voor Nederlandsch-Indie yang mulai berlaku di Indonesia sejak 1918. Oleh karenanya, ada perlakuan terhadap pasal-pasal yang sudah tidak sesuai dengan kondisi masyarakat saat ini, mulai dari perubahan unsur-unsur pasal, perubahan pidana yang dikenakan, hingga penghapusan maupun penambahan pasal.


Zara Belinda adalah seorang perempuan Indonesia yang diberi kesempatan untuk belajar di New York, Amerika Serikat oleh orang tuanya. Akan tetapi, Zara tidak tahu bahwa kedua orang tuanya ingin sekali mendaftarkannya di SMA khusus laki-laki, hanya karena sebuah sejarah yang berasal dari tahun 1950an. Ia pun memulai kehidupan sekolahnya dengan penuh intrik, musik, dan kisah cinta penuh konflik. Di tengah pekerjaan rumah yang menumpuk dan latihan paduan suara yang melelahkan, sosok populer bernama Carmichael Vincent menguji kesabaran zara – dan juga hatinya. Dapatkah Zara bertahan belajar di sekolah yang tidak pernah dibayangkan selama hidupnya? Apakah Zara dan Carmichael memendam perasaan yang sama kepada satu sama lain? Mungkinkah Zara mendapatkan sebuah kejutan dalam hidupnya seusai segelintir lika-liku yang menimpanya? Dikemas dalam drama yang menyenangkan dan humor yang ringan, penulis novel dewasa muda drama fiksi ilmiah, “Ephemerae”, Natasya Fila Rais, menyuguhkan sebuah kisah remaja SMA yang tidak pernah dituliskan sebelumnya.

The Yogyakarta Principles, an Effort to Protect the LGBTQ+ Community

The Indonesian government might still be far from creating a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community, let alone legalizing same-sex marriage. The key to create a safe environment is by respecting the community as human beings. By finding out more about the Yogyakarta Principles and its roles, the government could use it as a fundamental guide in providing safety for then LGBTQ+ community in Indonesia instead of turning against them.


Best friends usually say 'good morning' once they meet on the street. 'Good morning, Cal.' That's how it should be. But it was all different with Caleb. "Good morning, Cal." I doubted he remembered himself as a Caleb. Instead, all I could say every the morning was 'Who are you today?' Caleb Donahue is never an ordinary guy. He is a time traveler, traveling from one soul to another, as he takes a journey into different era everyday. Amethyst Mist, Caleb's best friend, has never felt more lost. Together, they go through various adventures. But the more they discover new time to settle in, the less they know themselves.

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